I get a lot of spammers offering cheap marketing tricks.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

1) Spammers can provide tons of Facebook likes. But it’ll get you nowhere.   They’ll use botnets (bunch of zombie computers).   The right tactic is to get the right Likes – from people interested in your brand and those wanting what your business offers.  

2) SEO: Search Engine Optization is an art form.  This is not Google Ads.  That’s SEM.  

SEO is organic.  It takes time to cultivate and find the right audience.  It also includes having Google recognize your website as an authority.  Spammers don’t offer SEO.  They offer simple Google Ads that won’t do anything for you.

3) SEM: unless you know how to do it.  Google Adwords and video marketing can target specific demographics and locations that will lower your marketing budget yet keep you relevant to the audience you need. 

Spammers will place ubiquitous ads and leave you high and dry.  Adwords is a tool that needs a specific campaign.