The newest drone from DJI provides pretty good video, simpler setup but a lot less features for about the same price.  

The Mavic has a lot of cool features:

1) It’s remote doesn’t need the smartphone app to operate.  So hobbyists can capture good video and aerial selfies without a lot of hassle. 

2) You can program it to follow you.  Which means there will now be even more motorcycle/skateboard/bike selfie videos on YouTube.  Thanks DJI!

3) It records 4K footage at 30 frames per second- with longer battery life.  

4) Folded up, it fits nearly in the palm of your hand.  And you don’t even need to remove the propellers, which Phantom operators know can be a hassle.

All in all, there’s not much difference between the Mavic and Phantom drones except for cool new features.  

BUT: for professionals, be weary, the Mavic doesn’t quite have the stabilization that the larger Phantom drones have.  

I took both to a windy field and overall they did well.  But you could see a clear difference in video stability when viewing the footage at home.  Especially at higher altitudes where the factor gets choppy.  

So bottom line: for hobbyists, lite travelers, and those wanting a ready-to-fly drone without much hassle- DJI’s Mavic may be for you.  

But if you’re a professional who’s livelihood depends on stable footage, I’d stick with the Phantoms.