Tesla CEO Elon Musk just sent a cryptic tweet:

So the latest supercharger may make its predecessor a child’s toy?
That would be big.  Because right now it takes 40 minutes to charge a Tesla half way.  

Charging is the electric car’s Achilles Heel.

If Tesla could charge its battery at the same speed it takes to pump fuel, it’d be a game changer.  The one reason Hybrids are still the number one electric car is that drivers want reliability.  

If I take a road trip, I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere unable to charge my car.  

Right now, Tesla cars get 200-250 miles per charge.  If it could recharge in say, ten minutes, get farther than 200 miles and there were reliable charging stations: I’d own a Tesla.  

But right now, none of that is real.  Not to say it isn’t possible.  TechCrunch quotes Musk as saying his cars could reach up to 600 miles in a single charge within a year or so.  

That, and a super-charging battery, could get more Teslas on the road.