The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up and here are the best gadgets:

1) Neonode Airbar: Turn your laptop into a touch screen.  This bar plugs into your computer and allows you to use your screen like an iPad. Pinch to zoom, scroll and draw. 

2) Faraday Car:           This self-driving electric car gets 378 miles per charge.  And Faraday Future is already taking pre-orders.

3) Lenovo Smart Assistant: Like Amazon’s Echo, this will listen to your commands like ‘Play Music’ or ‘Web Search’.  It’s pretty much the same as Alexa for non-Amazon users.

4) Kuri Robot: it’s 20″ tall and looks like a droid out of Star Wars.  It cruises around your home, using facial recognition and voice commands to read your kids bedtime stories and monitor your home when you’re not there. Though don’t expect this cute thing to stave off burglars.

5) PowerVision PowerRay Drone: This 4k camera drone skips the sky and dives into the sea.  Take pics and vids of aquatic life using its mobile app on your devices as a viewer along with the accompanying remote control to steer.