With over 60% of Internet traffic going to mobile devices, it’s time to catch up on some tips to draw attention.

1) iPhone and Android apps are incorporating more video.  Find the most common apps like Facebook get on their mobile video platform asap!

2) BUILD UP YOUTUBE CHANNEL:  I know I’m screaming, but some of my clients still don’t get it.  Without a channel or quality videos, your SEO will shrink.

3) Participate Online:  this is the hardest.  But if someone leaves a bad comment on your Yelp page reply back as nicely as possible.  Say the problem has been fixed and thank them for bringing it up.  You may grit your teeth the entire time, but it’s well worth it.

4) Get to know your most engaged users.  After a while there will be several posters who have become mini Celebs. Get more engaged with them.  They will draw in more activity which is the golden calf of Google’s SEO.