Technology used to be about reducing the number of gadgets, but we seem to be going backwards. Tablets now have pencils?

But I have to admit I love smartwatches. Here’s a quick comparison in price and online reviews. All these watches have the basics: receiving texts, caller ID and call answering, maps and pulse and step monitoring.

1) Apple Watches reign supreme when it comes to performance. It’s essentially an extension of your iPhone. iOS’s favorite apps are immediately available: text, answer calls and even speak to Siri or control your phone’s camera remotely. And the latest version is water resistant. But the price of $350+ can be hard to swallow. Or perhaps you’re an Android user.

2) Pebble Smartwatch is an apt competitor. It works with both Android and iOS. There a several tiers, mostly cosmetic. Even the cheaper versions are powerful. Read texts, caller ID- pretty much any notification from an app. It has it’s own app that you can use to connect it to your phone’s functions. Prices are $80-$250.

3) Huawei Watch is a lesser known Android-only device that has rave reviews online. It’s pretty much an Apple Watch for Android. You can use 4000+ apps from Google Play, including Voice. And it’s stylish design makes it stand out from its clunky peers. Prices are around $250.

4) Google Wear has been out for a while but hasn’t had the same success as Apple Watch. Honestly, I haven’t seen it on many top lists. Since it’s Google, this device might work better with the Store, though reviews have labeled it slower, less powerful… so on. And the price is hard to swallow: $400.