1) Dealnews: this app aggregates the best sales from thousands of retailers.  Customize your view with your select stores and get up-to-date deals!

2) SlickDeals is a more on-the-run app where members post their purchases, giving you real-time data like store stock and lines.  

3) Flipp is your universal coupon book.  This app tracks savings and coupons across the net and gives you direct access at the store.  Just slide your phone over and let the cashier scan your screen!

4) Shopular: this app combines the others giving users access to coupons, nearby deals but also sets up a rewards system that gives you cash back.  It’s not as in-depth as the others.  Most likely because its spread to thin. 

5) Shopkick is a lot different than the others.  This app is pretty much a rewards program for stores- giving you ‘kicks’ as well as inside deals from the stores you visit.  Redeem you points (or kicks) for gift cards at Target and Starbucks.