Its event in Cupertino, CA, unveiled updated gear and some new items.

First off, the iPhones. Apple has killed off the headphone jack. But the iPhone 7 & 8 will have the Home Button.

Then the new iPhone X class: the R, S and S Plus. These will have the faster processor, more camera features and splash resistant screen.

There will also be a fast Face ID, better speakers and Smart HDR camera, which will take a stream of images when you take a picture. It will automatically stitch the images together to make the best photo.

The Xr model is the budget friendly one, coming in at $749. The only real differences are the body and glass. The A12 processor chip and 12 MP camera, but with one lens. The newer models have that extra lens for zooming and panoramic shots.

The biggest change is the Xs Max which is the “plus” size. And by far the most expensive ever. Though it’s the same glass, processor and camera.

My advice for iPhone shoppers: if size isn’t an issue, take a look at the Xr. See if the lower priced body and glass are good.