Here are the latest releases from Apple’s WWDC Expo:

iOS 13

Dark Mode is most reported update on iOS 13. We’ll have the ability to turn our backgrounds darker. Big whoop, but perhaps battery life can be extended.

There are new photo and video editing tools, Memoji and Bitmoji. Apple Maps now uses Google Street View.

Biggest change: iTunes is out. Apple is releasing a Music app to go with TV and Podcasts on iOS. And these will be available on Mac OSX. This is exciting for me. Another step toward iPhones and iPads being self sufficient instead of using iTunes on a computer. That and multitasking updates will make them more like mini computers.

Mac OS Catalina is OSX’s latest operating system update. The biggest change is an app called Sidecar that lets you use iPad as a second monitor.

For app developers, Apple has made it easier to use Macs to write them. Project Catalyst, formerly Marzipan, is the header. Watch this space.