I’m gonna say it: 3D movies are pretty much dead.  

They’ll always be an attraction- as they have been since early 1900s- but it never took off.  


Because it couldn’t offer anything to commercialize other than more expensive movie tickets or TVs. 

But virtual reality has a shot.  It’s entertaining to use and could have a lot of business potential.  

First: AR vs. VR.  

Augmented Reality are virtual pictures imposed on reality.  So an AR user will see the real world but interact with virtual images. 

Virtual Reality is total digital immersement.   Everything you see is virtual.  

So how can VR stay?  By allowing multitudes of businesses to use it. 

Maps?  Right now we can use our phones to zoom in on satellite photos of streets and even view virtual tours of stores.  

But all those images aren’t reality.  They’re not realtime.  What if we could see how crowded a restaurant is in realtime?  Or virtually shop the aisles at Walmart?

Could websites become VR?  Instead of static pages we could have virtual businesses where visitors could speak directly to employees.  

Anything is possible with VR.  Unlike 3D, which is why it’s dead.  

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