Every sales meeting is a story. Make it a good ending with these tips. 

You have a story to tell your potential clients.  It’s how you can make their lives easier.  It’s all they really care about.  

1) To have a great sales meeting, you need to make it easy to follow.  A word packed PowerPoint presentation is not the way.  Your audience doesn’t need to read every word you say.  

Use pictures and video that connect to your message.  Think of your presentation as a movie.  The video you show are the images, what you say is the audio.  

Mix it up by using silent video as a background.  Then sit back and let them watch a professionally produced piece about your company or product.  

2) Like a resume, customize your presentation to your audience.  Most products and services can be used by multiple industries.  But an aerospace company won’t care how your product helped a staffing company.  

3) Always be early.  A sales presentation is also like your job interview.  Your client will immediately start judging you. If you’re late, they’ll expect deadlines to be missed- if they hire you that is. 

4) Research who you’re meeting with.  If the decision-maker likes golf, use it to break the ice. If she came from an accounting or HR background, numbers and analysis may be what she’s looking for.

5) Practice your pitch.  It’s not a Shakespeare play, but your clients will notice every stumble or misplaced item.  So make sure all your props are at hand.  Or your meeting may end like Hamlet.

6) Take notes.  Most likely, you will speak to these people multiple times.  And the issues they address have to become your new talking points as you move closer to landing the deal.   

7) Network with them.  Go out for drinks with them if they invite you.  Wine and dine them.  We are social creatures and getting to know clients outside the workspace makes you dearer to their hearts.  And the next time they need something, you’ll be their first call.     

Did I miss one?  Tell me you’re below in the comments.