1) People are either left-brained or right-brained.  Our minds do not work like that.  There are clusters in the brain that control certain activities, like emotions, but it’s not divided by left or right.  

2) We have 5 senses.  We actually have somewhere between 15-20.  Scientists count our sense of time, the awareness of body position and much more.  

3) Body heat comes out of your head.  Heat actually exudes from all over our body equally. 

4) Shaving hair makes it grow back thicker and faster.  Wrong.  Shaving the surface of skin doesn’t affect the hair folicles underneath. 

5) Stomach Flu. No such thing.  When your stomach can’t stop puking, it’s a natural reaction to a virus or food-borne parasites.  Some anti-vaxxers use this term to prove flu shots didn’t work.  

6) Fingerprints are unique.  Not really.  Surprisingly- or horrifically- fingerprints are way more similar than unique.  Forensic matching is so subjective that hundreds of innocent prisoners have been released because of this fallacy. 

7) Strong immune systems fight colds.  Nope.  Your immune system is your cold. There is scientific evidence that recommends not taking so much cold suppressants as it will impede your body’s immune system.  But always talk to a doctor before making health decisions.