Which will change the world?

3D is old.  It’s existed since 1915.  A British inventor patented the process of running two mirrored films side-by-side while viewers wore stereoscope glasses to converge the images.   

The technology rose again to brief prominence in the 50s due to competition with TV.  
Are you seeing a little history repeating?

In recent years, 3D movie releases have gone up but ticket sales have declined.  People are souring on high priced 3D movies.  

So what’s the future hold?

My opinion is that 3D never established because it failed to provide a purpose other than “Wow!”   Like carnivals, once people go ‘wow’, they move on.  

Virtual Reality on the other hand has practical uses.  I predict Google Street View will embody VR for consumers researching brick and mortar stores.  

YouTube is already running with interactive VR videos.  Real estate virtual tours could see a boost too.  

And that’s the difference.  3d has no other business purpose.  And the one thing that drives trends is business.